How to get 2 Passport Photos for $0.09

2018/11/7 posted in  Life Tips comments

You can go down to your local Walgreens or CVS store and print your passport photos there. It will cost you over $10 for 2 lousy passport photos.

Here's what to do instead

What you do

  1. Take a decent photo for you. For U.S. passports, simply follow these guidelines and you’ll be good to go.

  2. PS your photo until you are happy with the result.

  3. Navigate to and upload your digital photo, select your needed passport size (US is in the presets) or any other custom size. Turn on option Tiling.

  4. Click Download and save your image to a 4"x6" photo image. If you select US passport size, this will fit 2 images on one download. (Since 4"x6" is the cheapest $0.09, it is really a good deal)

  5. Open Walmart Photo online. Add your photo. I recommend using one-hour pick-up Matte (it costs you $0.27 in total).

  6. Pick up your photo in Walmart.

  7. Trim you photo with a knife and a ruler.

  8. Done!